About me

My name is Birgit Spalt and I am the woman behind Phoenix Translations.

I grew up in a small town near Salzburg in Austria. My interests are, and have always been, books, animals, nature, travelling and, of course, languages. It was only after my A-Levels though, that I discovered my passion for languages.


After finishing school, I spent a year working in Sweden, Northern Ireland and Austria. It was during this time that I first thought of dedicating my life to languages. I decided to study Transcultural Communication at the University of Graz  and devoted my time to deepening my knowledge, not only of the languages German, English and French, but also the culture of the countries in which they are spoken.

After three years of intensive study I obtained my Bachelor’s degree, I then chose to continue my education and opted for a Master’s degree in translation. Another two and a half years later, in November 2017, I graduated with my Master’s degree. My final thesis was on the subject of The Lord of the Rings with special focus on fantasy literature and the translation of literature.

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Birgit Spalt, owner of Phoenix Translations

Birgit Spalt, owner of Phoenix Translations

Phoenix Translations

At the beginning of 2018, my path led me to Ireland once again, where I now live and work with my partner. It was here that I finally decided to follow my dream and start my own business, Phoenix Translation.

The continuous challenges you face when conveying the meaning of a text, a sentence or even just a single word in another language; the creation of a beautiful and appealing text while making full use of the possibilities of the target language – this is what renders the act of translation so exciting and special to me.

Since the following fields have always been the ones that interested me most, this is also where my specialization lies today: Literary translation, the creative translation of marketing, PR and tourism texts as well as the localization of websites.